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Collapsible Bulk Boxes

Buckhorn offers the industry’s most comprehensive line of
collapsible bulk containers — we’re unmatched in our ability to
meet your particular application size and capacity requirements.  

  • The most comprehensive selection in the industry!

  • Footprints: 32" x 30", 48" x 40", 48" x 45", 57.25" x 48",
    64.5" x 48", and 70" x 48"; multiple heights available.

  • Choose Heavy-Duty, Extra-Duty, Standard, and General
    Purpose to fit your application.

  • Multiple configurations with drop doors, lids, colors, and
    other options.

  • Stack securely, collapse to save storage, and freight costs.

  • ID areas for tags, labels, placards, and cardholders.

  •  New Extended Length Transport Tubs

1. Spring Loaded Latches
Quick and easy assembly, knock down, and access to         
contents with latch design on doors and side walls.

2. Snap-in Wall Panels  
Walls snap in place with no hinge pins and remove              
 quickly for replacement.

3. Non-Sequential Folding  
Innovative wall design allows quick collapse and                  
prevents walls from bowing while collapsed.

4. Multiple Door Configurations  
Quick, easy access to contents and better                           
ergonomics. Match drop doors to your needs,                      
including doors on end walls, sides, or no doors.

5. Four-way Forklift Entry  
Easy handling for efficient movement on assembly               
lines, in warehouses and trucks.

6. Solid Base  
Molded plastic, one-piece base for maximum strength          
and durability.

7. Optional Steel Corner Hit Plates  
Help prevent fork spearing and extend container life.
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