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The Only Edge-Rackable Plastic Pallet you Need to Rack-Up
a Better Bottom Line.

Buckhorn introduces the Universal Pallet -- delivering superior
performance that makes wooden pallets look like twigs.

The Universal Pallet provides edge-racking capacity up to
2,800 lbs. -- without support. It is the only edge-rackable plastic
pallet with such strong rack capacity and a full range of
configuration options in both 48" x 40" and 48" x 42" sizes.

On the bottom line, the Universal Pallet delivers a quick return
on investment with reduced product damage, pallet repair, and
cost-savings in waste disposal and racking maintenance.

Select the size and features for your application: we
manufacture to your requirements -- providing maximum
flexibility and cost-efficiency.
Compatible with most
automated handling
Universal Pallet Specifications:

Model No.           L"    mm    W"  mm     H"    mm  Std. Color
PU48400633        48   1219   40   1016  5.56    141    Black
PU48420633        48  1219    42   1067  5.56    141    Black

      Weight                  Weight Capacity*
                                 Static               Dynamic            Rack
Model No.        lbs.   kg       lbs.          kg       lbs.      kg       lbs.     kg  
PU48400633     68.3  31.0  30,000    13,500  5,000   2,268   2,800  1,273  
PU48420633     73.0  33.2  30,000    13,500  5,000   2,268   2,800  1,273  

*Capacity is dependent upon application and use environment.
Check with Buckhorn or test under actual conditions to determine
suitability in your application.
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