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Posi-Turner System Types
The Posi-Turner® is a patented, ergonomically designed
material handling system for the lifting, suspension, rotation
and positioning of objects in light to heavy-duty applications.
With only one operator using a hand-held pendant or
wireless remote control, the Posi-Turner® can lift in excess of
150 tons and handle virtually anything, including odd-shaped
objects. Heavy-duty slings, powered by a powerful roller drum
or independent drive system, make it easier to work with
hard-to-handle materials - safely, efficiently, and with no
damage to the work piece.

The Posi-Turner® gives you the flexibility to choose a drive
system and a leveler system to create a solution for your
application and material handling requirements. There are
Posi-Turner® models for just about any heavy material
handling application. We can also adapt a Posi-Turner®
system for a specific application.
Posi-Turner® 2 Independent Drive Chain Sling System

Posi-Turner® Drum Style System

Posi-Leveler System
Safety and Ergonomics

  • Provides better, safer, working conditions by positioning the work piece at a distance. Eliminates tipping or dropping work pieces
    and the shock load to the crane associated with using two cranes to roll over a heavy object.

  • Allows you to stop or start rotation at any point.

  • Makes it easier to position a work piece.

  • Provides ergonomic benefits to employees performing production and assembly work.

  • Meets or exceeds industry standards, including ANSI/ASME B30.20, AWS D1.1, ANSI/NFPA 70.


  • Lifts, levels and rotates objects without re-rigging.

  • Improves production process efficiency, by keeping an assembly line moving.

  • Makes rotation, positioning and precision work easier.

  • Requires only one operator for system rotation.

  • Saves production time and labor time.

  • Damage-Free Product Quality

  • Eliminates product slipping and dropping.

  • Reduces product damage

Damage-Free Product Quality

  • Eliminates product slipping and dropping.

  • Reduces product damage
Application Case Studies
Aircraft | Metals and Metal Fabrication | Marine Industry - Composite Molds
Metal Fabrication | Precast Concrete Industry | Chassis Master
| Weldments | Transportation - Rail Industry
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