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Precision Press - Hobart, Indiana
The Challenge

• Product Handled: stamping press subassemblies
• Product Dimensions: 18'L x 12'W x 14'H
• Product Weight: 220,000 lb.

Precision Press fabricates stamping press subassemblies at its
plant in Hobart, Indiana. During fabrication, the assemblies must
be rotated up to 180 degrees. Precision Press needed to rotate
these assemblies safely and efficiently without damaging the

The Posi-Turner® Solution

• Posi-Turner® Model 2-0-220 (2 independent drive with coil sling
• 220,000 lb. total capacity
The Benefits

Increased Safety: The Posi-Turner® rotates the weldments, up to 110 tons in weight, safely with no
shock loading to cranes or danger to operators.

Efficient: The Posi-Turner® has reduced labor and crane time by 40 percent.

Damage Free: The Posi-Turner®'s smooth rotation ensures no product damage. Weldments are not
torqued or damaged from accidental dropping.

Performance: "This is the cat's meow - you can't get any safer than this. We could not function without
the Posi-Turner®." - Precision Press production manager
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