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Mill Duty Lifters & Special Applications
Caldwell engineered below/hook lifters offer the broadest range of products in the industry to give you flexibility to address your particular
application requirements with the economy of a standard product, and at the same time our engineers offer innovative solutions to
applications that require custom design.

Below/Hook Lifters are devices (excluding slings) that attach hoists to their loads. These lifters can be categorized into three types.

1.  Supporting - carries the load on a bearing surface(s)
2.  Pressure - clamps the load and supports it by indenting the load.
3.  Gripping - by conforming to the load surface (Usually with pads), Forming a sufficient coefficient of friction.
Caldwell lifters adhere to the highest quality standards and all lifters conform to ASME B30.20 standards.
Coil Hooks
Lifting Beams are used in low headroom applications, and
structurally are able to handle the load throughout the beam
spread. Beams allow multiple point pick up of the load for
balance or support purposes. Beams can be used from two
hoists to increase lift capacity.   
Economical "C" Hooks require aisle space to equal the
length of the arm.
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Sheet Lifters are versatile in the handling of bundles of
sheets or other loads stacked horizontally. Efficient one
person operation. Efficient worm gear drive with hand
wheel, chain wheel or motorized leg adjustments.
Spreader Beams have top rigging and direct most of load
stress through the rigging directly to the hooks. Structurally
spreader beams spread load and are not designed to equally
handle load stress at all points across beam spread. The
greater distance between the hoist and the load (due to top
rigging) gives these beams greater stability.
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Roll Lifters have multiple lifters to make roll handling
simplified and efficient. Beams, Two Sided Grabs (manual or
motorized), Tongs, C Hooks, Pallet Lifters and Positioners
are available.
Multiple designs to lift, manipulate and reposition
coils, either with the coil "eye" in the vertical or
horizontal position.  Two sided lifters require aisle
space to equal the length of the foot. Motorized units
for efficient handling of a large volume of coils.
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Pallet Lifters convert overhead crane into fork lift truck,
allowing pallets to be moved throughout a plant where fork lift
trucks cannot access. Fixed and adjustable fork models are
Rotating Crane Hooks allow independent and precise
positioning of a load with a full 360 degree' rotation.
These units are motorized. Available with a built in
load scale and read-out option.
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Coil Upenders
The Posi-Turner® Material Handling System

If you're looking to make your material handling
processes more ergonomically efficient, safe, and with
less product damage, you're in the right place.

The Posi-Turner® is used by companies around the
world to lift, suspend, rotate, and position
hard-to-handle objects.

First developed in 1972, the Posi-Turner® was the
world's first powered sling material handling system.
Today, the industrial applications for the
Posi-Turner® are practically unlimited.
Heavy Duty (up to 30 tons) and Low Platform Models
(Lower Platform offers easier access by operator) are
available.  V-Blocks (adjustable and fixed) available as
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