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As industry becomes more specialized, material handling systems have had to undergo an evolution. Highly technical functions,
altered product configurations, unusual space requirements and many other reasons, have provided the need for custom built

When special equipment is needed to make a system work, we'll make it by either modifying a pre-engineered piece of equipment or
starting from scratch. Our engineering and fabrications departments work together to provide what is needed. This includes vertical
conveyors, transfers, stacker/destackers, turntables, upenders, sorters and a lot more.

These and many other pieces of custom equipment have performed so well on the job, that we've added them to our long list of
available "standard specials". Whether the requirements are for equipment off the shelf or off the drawing board...Industrial Kinetics
can handle them.
Specialized equipment can handle tough problems like stacking I.V. bags, conveying ,lifting or rotating palletized or container loads,
making production more effective and economical.
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