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Moving large items or

palletized loads that are

difficult to handle is what

makes innovative unit

handling systems so

valuable in today's

Millions of dollars are being wasted on inefficient unit handling systems and each year many companies turn to Industrial Kinetics for help.

From a single conveyor to sophisticated pallet handling systems, they know we'll find better ways to increase productivity while keeping handling
and labor costs down.

We can help

  • Set up accurate inventory control.
  • Establish efficient stock rotation.
  • Reduce handling mistakes and material damage.
  • Save valuable floor space.
  • Reduce storage requirements with a corresponding reduction in costs and maintenance.
  • Streamline all phases of your existing operation from receiving to shipping.

Industrial Kinetics has the experience and foresight to design, manufacture and install the unit handling system that's right for today, as well as
tomorrow. Whether the needs are for automotive parts, tractor engines, palletizied loads, or any of a thousand other types of units...Industrial
Kinetics can handle them.
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