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Material Handling Equipment
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Material Handling Equipment
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Allied Products

Nutting offers Allied Products through their standard product catalog offering;
the product line includes trucks, skids, dollies, casters, wheels, and more.  
Nutting is in a league of its own when it comes to meeting your material handling
needs in offering a wide range of allied products.  Their qualified technical sales
and support team is ready to provide the guidance needed to ensure that your
material handling equipment needs are met.

Nutting manufactures its products to exacting standards while consistently
striving to improve product performance through ongoing research and
development and the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

If you have a challenge,
Nutting will meet it.

Material Handling Equipment:
Platform Trucks:
The "Platform Trucks" are built for durability
and maneuverability for nearly every
application required with a wide variety of
options for operational flexibility. Commonly
used in stores, factories, and warehouses for
hauling a wide variety of boxes, parts,
packages, and components.
Wagon Trucks:
The "Wagon Trucks" are a favorite among
maintenance personnel. The durable and highly
maneuverable trucks are built with a high
quality fifth-wheel front pivot steering design
connected to a "T" shaped pull handle.
Hand Trucks:
The "Hand Trucks" are available in a board
line of features and configurations to tackle
the most demanding applications. The trucks
are built for durability and maneuverability for
nearly every type of application required.
Shelf Trucks:
The "Shelf Trucks" are built for heavy duty
applications (All-steel welded) that demand
durability, performance, ergonomics, and
maneuverability. Large diameter and high
capacity wheels provide excellent rollability for
a wide range of applications.
The "Skids" (Semi-live) provide a safe and
stable alternative to platform trucks, by
allowing the user to easily move the skid from
location to location, while providing a stable
base when stationary. The skids are available
in all wood construction or wood & steel
combinaton construction
The "Dollies" offer a wide selection of
configurations in both hardwood and steel to
assist in a variety of applications. The high
quality built dollies are designed and
constructed for ease of use and long life.
Wagon Trucks
Shelf Trucks
Hand Trucks
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Freight Prys
Work Platform
Sheet Rock Dolly
Barrell Handlers
Floor Locks
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