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Material Handling Equipment
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Nutting offers custom products utilizing their experience and expertise in
engineering and manufacturing to provide innovative logistic solutions for unique
applications.  Whether it is modifying or re-engineering or one of their existing
product offerings, or designing and constructing a new innovative product, they
work  hard as a team to deliver you the "best fit" to your unique material handling
equipment application.

Their custom products group is equipped to help you take your logistic project
from concept to completion.  The team at Nutting is prepared to help you by
providing design alternatives, performance evaluations, and equipment options to
meet your project objectives.  The manufacturing facility at Nutting is complete
with metalworking, woodworking, and caster/wheel fabrication capability to
enable them to produce unique equipment or component requirements at
competitive prices.

Nutting's experience gives them the "know-how" to provide the widest variety of
custom products; their capacity for creative and innovative solutions has been an
endless stream of product options, changes, revisions, variations, adjustments,
alterations, and modifications.

Their CAD-based design approach provides state of art data to assist you in
consideration of the various design options available; the detailed design
documentation provides manufacturing with the data to ensure product integrity
in fabricating the highest and finest qualtiy custom products.

In today's world of high technology and specialization, Nutting recognizes the
need for unique material handling equipment that must perform within demanding
unconventional environments, which is why they offer custom products.
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