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Material Handling Equipment
Towline Trailers

Nutting offers a complete line of Towline Trailers designed and constructed
for movement of materials and products over monoplane or multiplane paths with
capability for continuous loop or designated route operations with or without
automatic trailer accumulation.

Towline Trailers (Series 60) have evolved into a highly sophisticated and
specialized systems created to integrate with complete logistical systems. The
trailers are available with a variety of options to meet specific application
requirements for each integrated system. The trailers are built for factory
applications to withstand the toughest environments in providing reliable and
dependable service.

Nutting's engineering expertise can custom design trailers and carts for special
needs or functions. Simple modifications to the basic design greatly maximizes
towline system utlity.  Some of the more common modifications include; sides,
ends cages, posts, racks, shelves, rollers, fork pockets, and rotatable decks.
Towline Trailers
Towline Trailers uses a low profile track recessed into the floor
with a powered chain.  Trailers of any size or design are pulled by the
chain from pick-up points to their assigned destinations.
Switching and merging components allow trailers to
automatically divert into spurs or move efficiently from one
towline loop to another
Towline Track System
Towline Trailers
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Towline Trailers
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Towline Trailers
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