Warehouse Trailers

Nutting offers high quality warehouse trailers to provide innovative logistic
solutions for hauling or transporting goods at your facility.  The trailers are built
for warehouse applications to withstand the toughest environments in providing
reliable and dependable service.

The Caster Steer Trailer (Series 52) are typically designed for use on hard floor
surfaces in distribution warehouses, plants, centers, factories, and terminals.  
The caster steer trailers are an excellent choice for transporting loads when
considering the versatility for either pushing/pulling by either power or manual
force.  The caster steer trailers are durable to withstand the rigors of tugger
towing and manageable to utilize the flexibility of manual carting.  The caster
steer trailer can be used as an independent order picker and then connected into a
train of trailers for hauling or transporting goods in the warehouse

The Caster Steer Trailer is one of the most common used trailers for warehouse
application; however, the  
QUAD-STEER (four-wheel steer) and DUAL-STEER
(two wheel steer) trailers located under industrial trailers are popular choices for
warehouse applications as well.
Caster Steer Trailers
Caster Steer

The Caster Steer Trailer (Series 52) is a
high quality trailer available with precision
swivel caster with dual ball bearings on
hardened raceways with heavy-duty
kingbolt for deliverying excellent
rollabiltiy performance.  The trailers are
available in load capacities of 6,000 lbs
with movement by power or manual

1. Reinforced rounded corners
2.  Dual utilizatioin capability
3.  Multiple caster wheel options
4.  Zero Wheel pivot rotation
5.  Multiple deck options

1.  Protect and prevent damage
2. Tugger towing and manual carting
3.  Versatility in meeting all
operational conditions.
4.  Wheels under load at all times
5.  Provides optimal friction design
for transporting goods
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Warehouse Trailers
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