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RICO has added automatic guided vehicles (AGV’s) to its product
line as a natural extension of its high-capacity industrial trucks.
Capacities of these AGV’s range from 30,000 lbs to 300,000 lbs with
designs to carrying everything from coils,ingots & paper rolls.

The 72-volt-DC vehicle, designed by RICO, has many time proven
components currently used on their man aboard vehicles including:

All Wheel Steering Four drive/steer axles utilizing 28" diameter
wheels PLC controlled lifting deck Solid State Controls.

Componentry such RICO’s own combination drive/steer axles allow
excellent design flexibility and precise maneuverability, critical to any
AGV installation. These drive/steer axles couple the motor and gear
reduction within the drive wheel and allow the vehicle to drive and
steer all eight wheels. The AGV’s floating suspension provides four
point contact with the ground at all times, maximizing drive and steer

RICO’s automatic guided vehicles (AGV’s) are built in alliance with
FMC Technologies. This alliance provides you with the best heavy
load AGV and AGV system controls available today in the market
place today!
Unit Load
Roll Handler
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