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Full Powered Floor Cranes
Ruger offers three series of cranes featuring electrically-actuated hydraulics. These versatile and powerful units are
built to handle continuous industrial use in repetitive lifting applications. They offer additional productivity and
ergonomic advantages over manual models, in addition to additional precision. Units with capacities up to 6000 lbs. lift
and transport objects effortlessly.

Don't see what you need? Call us with your request for custom-engineered lifting products or see our crane
attachments crane options page.
A-Series — Adjustable Style
These cranes have adjustable legs to straddle
various-sized loads. Boom is power adjustable.
Stainless Steel construction is readily available.
4,000 lbs
FP2A Floor Crane
6,000 lbs
FP3A Floor Crane
R-Series — Reverse Style
Reverse base eliminates any obstruction
from front leg straddle designs for easy
access to wide loads.
1,000 lbs
FP1000R Floor Crane
2,000 lbs
FP2000R Floor Crane
4,000 lbs
FP4000R Floor Crane
Extension boom can be added to
reach a height up to 15 feet.
6,000 lbs
FP-3D Floor Crane

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Full Power Floor Cranes

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