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Portable Cranes, Manual Push
Ruger Industries manufactures a complete line of portable cranes (sometimes known as engine cranes). These manual
models raise and lower heavy loads via hand-pumped hydraulics. (Economical Power Pack crane options are availble to
provide push-button lifting capability.) Many companies have found them to be more productive and safer than traditional
lift trucks at lifting and transporting a wide variety of materials and heavy loads.

Stainless Steel and custom models are available. Call us!
Standard Series Floor Cranes - Straddle Style
These standard floor cranes a range of capacities to fit
your load lifting need.
500 lbs
HP-1/4 Floor Crane
1,000 lbs
HP1000 Floor Crane
2,000 lbs
HP2000 Floor Crane
4,000 lbs
HP-2 Floor Crane
4,000 lbs
HP-2W Floor Crane
6,000 lbs
HP-3 Floor Crane
6,000 lbs
HP-3D Floor Crane
R-Series - Reverse Style
These counter balanced reverse base styles allow the unit to avoid obstacles
that could be a problem for straddle leg units. Easy access to wide loads.
500 lbs
RC500R Floor Crane
750 lbs
RC750R Floor Crane
1,000 lbs
RC1000R Floor Crane
1,500 lbs
RC1500R Floor Crane
2,000 lbs
RC 2000R Floor Crane
Economy Series - Straddle Style
Have built-in extendable boom with multiple positions for
more reach and height. Legs are fixed position.
Stainless Steel versions are readily available.
1,000 lbs
RC1000 Floor Crane
1,000 lbs
HP1000C Folding Floor Crane
1,000 lbs
RC1000S Floor Crane
2,000 lbs
RC2000 Floor Crane
2,000 lbs
RC2000A Floor Crane
2,000 lbs
RC2000K Floor Crane
3,000 lbs
60 Floor Crane
3,000 lbs
60A Floor Crane
A-Series - Adjustable Style
These units have adjustable legs which swing out to accommodate bigger
loads. The HP-2A and HP-3A have fixed boom lengths, with extension booms
available as an option. The HP-2000A comes with an extension boom
2,000 lbs
HP2000A Floor Crane
4,000 lbs
HP-2A Floor Crane
6,000 lbs
HP-3A Floor Crane
CJ-Series - Pivot Boom Style
These hydraulic floor cranes have an outrigger boom which swings 90°
with the load.
1,000 lbs
HP-1/2CJ Floor Crane
2,000 lbs
HP-18CJ Floor Crane
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