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Portable Gantry Cranes move easily to where you need to pick up, transport or
rotate a load. Roll it inside or out—it can be utilized anywhere a smooth and level
floor is available. We offer steel or aluminum, fixed or adjustable, Posi-Gantri™ head
beam, along with a selection of accessories.
Portable Gantry Cranes
Used where overhead cranes are not practical or feasible. Gives full 360 degree floor
coverage around the pillar allowing unrestricted placement of machinery and
equipment. Offered with a full line of accessories including motorized rotation.
Free Standing Jib Cranes
Mast type jibs are braced between the ceiling and floor. Column/ Wall
mounted Jib cranes are installed up out of the way on building columns. Jib
placement can be at any elevation required and yields 180 degree floor
Tension & Cantilevered
Jib Cranes
Hoist Packages are available to fit all standard Krane-King® Jib and Gantry
Cranes. We offer several options from entirely manual to completely electric
Hoist & Trolley Packages
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