Streator Products Page
Shown below are some examples of the different types of containers and bins that
Streator has made.  They will manufacture to your specifications
Containers & Bins
Bin 005
Collapsible stacking container
Bin 006
Stackable corrugated steel container
on skid base
Bin 008
Corrugated steel drop-bottom container
Bin 012
Corrugated steel container, general use
Bin 016
Corrugated steel foundry tub with
lifting eyes
Bin 017
Corrugated steel controlled-flow container
Bin 018
Corrugated steel container with hinged side
Bin 022
Hot parts container
Bin 024
Knockdown containers for automaker
Bin 025
High-strength corrugated steel hairpin
Bin 028
Bin 029
Corrugated stacking skid box
Bin 026
Heavy-duty stackable wire mesh container
Bin 007
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