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Crane and Industrial Buffers: Large versions of the Fluidicshok with coil spring reset. Capacities of up to 14,000,000 inch-pounds are
available in a heavy duty mill-type design. Over 60 sizes are standard. Long stroke buffers are available with up to 120 inch
deflections and capacities to one hundred million inch-pounds, making this the highest capacity standard shock absorber in the world.

For additional information, request Taylor Devices' Crane Buffer Packet, by mail, phone, or fax to our Web Applications Engineer.
Taylor Buffers are fluidic type shock absorbers designed for heavy duty, severe service applications.
They absorb the total impact energy of the application and convert this energy to heat. After impact,
internally mounted coil springs gently restore the buffer to its original un-stroked condition.
A few reasons why Taylor Buffers are so highly respected with world-wide acceptance:

1. Patented Taylor Mechanical-Growth Seals, machined from Teflon bar stock. Low cost packings and
O-Rings aren't good enough for Taylor quality. The Taylor Seal is the same seal used in Taylor
Fluidicshoks® and Liquid Die Springs and meets rigid NASA specifications.

2. Solid Stainless Steel Piston Rod for the ultimate in high strength and corrosion protection.

3. Patented fluid amplified ORVIS head yields the smoothest, most consistent output curves of any
shock absorber. No dangerous force spikes or steps as found in conventional metering systems.
Output force varies with impact velocity to assure safe, smooth deceleration at any speed. Output
efficiency is 90% of a square wave, yielding minimum decelerations at all times. All standard Taylor
Buffers are custom orificed for each individual application and are ready to bolt in and operate with
no adjusting or tuning required.

4. All buffers are available with optional full drive down capability for use of buffer stroke as end
approach (full drive down is not recommended for cranes subject to impact with power-on).

5. One piece cylinder machined from solid high strength steel bar stock on most sizes. No leaky
fatigue-prone welds as found in other shock absorbers.

6. All Crane and Industrial Buffers use energy absorbing Tayco Piezoil as fluid. This non-flammable
fluid is permanently sealed in the buffer cartridge and requires no replenishing or refilling over the
life of the buffer.

7. Coil spring return 100% internal to unit. All springs are contained within the one piece cylinder
putting solid steel between you and the return mechanism. Safety cables are standard at no
additional cost as an added safety feature, and are required by law for overhead applications.

8. Standard buffers meet -40 degrees F to +160 degrees F ambient specifications. More rigorous requirements       
    can be met on an optional basis.

9. For overhead crane service Taylor Buffers exceed both rigid A.I.S.E. energy absorption and
deceleration specifications, and current OSHA requirements. Cranes can be protected at up to
100% speed.
To download a copy of the FEATURES in pdf format, click HERE
For SPECIFICATIONS of Taylor Devices Crane and Industrial Buffers, please click HERE (pdf format)
Ordering Notes:

  •   Mountings shown are standard. Optional mounts can be ordered such as: foot, front flange, etc.

  •   A.I.S.E. Crane specifications provide for crane buffers mounted on adjacent sides where bridges or trolleys
come together. Please specify if this condition is applicable.

  •   Special sizes available to 60 in. stroke and 60 million in-lb capacity. Consult factory for details.

  •   If you desire, Taylor engineers can recommend a Crane or Industrial Buffer for specific needs.
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