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Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL:  B5-540-48XL
Bigfoot XL - Taylor-Dunn Vehicle from Frank H. Gill Company
Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL:  B5-540-48XL
Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL:  B5-540-48XL
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL:  B5-540-48XL
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bigfoot XL - Taylor-Dunn Vehicle from Frank H. Gill Company
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL:  B5-540-48XL
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL:  B5-540-48XL

Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL: B5-540-48XL

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High payload and towing capacities for indoor/outdoor use.

  • 48 volt electric, or Lithium-Ion electric 
  • Speed up to 18 mph
  • Range up to 40 miles
  • Load capacity of 3,000 pounds
  • Tow capacity of 10,000 pounds
  • Two person capacity

The Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL (Model No. B5-540-48XL) is a utility vehicle with a larger operator’s compartment, hill climbing gusto, speed up to 18 mph, and all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. 

Equipped with a 17 hp, 48 volt AC motor or Lithium Ion Electric, GT drive, and rack and pinion steering, this electric utility vehicle will out-perform any other in its class.

Available customizations include deluxe cab, econo cab, fold-away seat, steel panel box, lockable cargo box, stake sides and aluminum drop-down sides

Lithium Advantage

With leading edge, OEM designed and integrated, Li-ion-powered electric powertrain, the all-new Tiger and Bigfoot models maximize the benefits and reliability of the technology, from the operator controls to the rubber that meets the ground. Li-ion power integrated this way further enhances productivity in cargo towing and material handling with increased uptime and performance power, while lowering an operation’s overall carbon footprint and total cost of ownership.


  • Sustainability – The Tiger Li-ion and Bigfoot Li-ion are all-electric vehicles, which eliminates unnecessary emissions caused by traditional combustion vehicles. Zero tailpipe emissions help achieve sustainability goals and carbon offsets.
  • Safety – Vehicle electrification facilitates the ability to offer smart technology like the patent-pending anti-rollover system exclusive to Tiger tow tractors and programmable acceleration and speed. This technology allows users to improve their operations while exceeding traditional safety standards.
  • Battery Life and Health – Advanced Li-ion batteries provide at least 3,000 cycles and the greatest efficiency without power loss (maintains speed and acceleration, even when climbing hills) as the battery charge depletes. An integrated battery management system protects the battery and allows for safe operation, maximizing the battery’s longevity by accurately monitoring charging profiles, levels and performance and managing overall battery health under every condition for performance and safety.
  • Charging Infrastructure Optional – Multiple charging options include a standard 110V outlet, which eliminates that barrier to EV adoption and reduces the costs of specific charging infrastructures. The batteries also can use 220V single-phase outlets (like electric cars) and for fast charging, smart industrial chargers are ideal.
  • Zero Battery Maintenance – Li-ion batteries allow for opportunity charging – charge them anytime, for any duration to partially charge or top-off without negatively impacting the battery – eliminating inconvenient charging parameters. Li-ion batteries also don’t require posts to be cleaned or fluid to be monitored or added, making them much more reliable.
  • Range & Efficiency – All-day and multi-day operation is now possible for high use applications. Li-ion power provides vehicles with increased uptime between charges which means more run time and less charge time.
  • Compact and Powerful –Li-ion batteries pack more power and are half the weight of flooded lead-acid and AGM batteries, ensuring consistent control, speed and acceleration.
  • Cold Weather Performance – Due to the nature of flooded lead-acid batteries, users can experience up to a 50 percent decrease in battery life in cold weather temperatures. While cold weather has a negative effect on all batteries, Li-ion batteries aren’t as affected. The Tiger Li-ion tow tractor also has a higher kWh solution with a heated charger to further extend the temperature ranges for charging the batteries.
  • Total Cost of Ownership and ROI – Li-ion batteries last significantly longer than flooded lead-acid or AGM batteries – up to five times as long – contributing to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition to the longer battery life, Li-ion vehicles save significant money and time because there aren’t ongoing costs – routine maintenance, install labor, annual battery replacements, and opportunity costs. Customers that purchase Tiger Li-ion tow tractors could see annual savings of up to 80 percent compared to traditional fuel tractors. And customers purchasing Bigfoot Li-ion utility vehicles could see more than $10,000 in battery lifetime savings. For customers looking to maximize their uptime, lower TCO and improve ROI, Li-ion is the optimal choice.

Standard Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain

Battery Range  40 mile (64 km)
Drive System Type  GT Drive
Engine Type/Motor  48V AC Electric, fully enclosed
Batteries  Eight (8) 6 Volt Lead Acid, 260 Amp Hour or Lithium Ion Electric
Charger  Built-in 48 Volt, High Frequency Technology with Inhibit Interlock, 115 VAC/60Hz Inlet and Separate Cord
Horsepower  17 HP
Top Speed  18 mph (29 km/h)


Deck Size  54 x 77 in. (137 x 195 cm)
Estimated Dry Weight  1965 lb (891 kg)
Ground Clearance  5.8 in (14.7 cm)
Hitch Towing Rating  10,000 lb (4536 kg)
Overall Vehicle Size (L x W x H)  130.5 x 57 x 52 in. (331 x 145 x 132 cm)
Payload Capacity  3,000 lb (1,360 kg)
Person Capacity  2
Turning Radius  145 in (368 cm)
Wheelbase  62 in (158 cm)


Front/Rear Brakes  Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Front & Rear
Parking Brake  Electric Parking Brake


Adjustable Driver Seat  Standard
Instrumentation  Clear View Display (Speed, Distance, Battery Status Indicator, Hours, Input Diagnostic & Fault Code Display), Dual USB Port, Emergency Power Cut-off Switch, Light Switch, Forward/Off/Reverse Selector, Reverse Alarm, High/Low Speed Selector, Key Switch, DC/DC Converter (on with key switch), Electric Horn
Lighting  Dual LED headlights, taillights and brake lights
Other Standard Features  Bucket seats, driver’s seat electrical interlock, recessed tie-downs
Seat Covering  Black Vinyl
Tilt Steering  Not Equipped and Not Available

Tires / Wheels

Electronic Power Steering  Not Equipped and Not Available
Front Tires  Two (2) 20.5 x 8 x 10, Load Range E, Pneumatic
Rear Tires  Two (2) 20.5 x 8 x 10, Load Range E, Pneumatic


Front Suspension  Multi-leaf springs
Rear Suspension  Multi-leaf springs


    • Fold-away seats
    • Deluxe Steel cab/doors/windshield wiper, washer, side view mirrors, center mirror
    • Econo Steel cab - Vinyl Doors/Plastic  
    • Windows; windshield wiper, washer, sideview mirrors, center mirror - All Additional
    • Portable Charger
    • Strobe light
    • Smart View Display
    • Aluminum drop-down sides
    • Battery watering system
    • Lockable cargo box
    • Lift-out battery box
    • Directional Signals
    • Front disc brakes
    • Various hitches
    • Protective undercoating
    • Galvanized frame
    • Optional Paint Colors


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