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Remtron™ 10R/17R MCU
Remtron™ 10R/17R MCU
Remtron™ 10R/17R MCU
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Remtron™ 10R/17R MCU

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Rembron's rugged and reliable Machine Control Units (MCU) used for the wireless remote control of overhead cranes & hoists, conveying systems, on and off highway mobile equipment, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing. 


  • IP65 enclosure
  • Hinged and lockable transparent lid
  • Bluetooth® for closed box configuration / diagnostics and data log download
  • Safety motion relay option
  • SD card for data logging
  • RF diversity for ultra-reliable communication
  • ASO option for enhanced safety 
  • Compatible with Remtron 325411611CattronLink™ Software and Safe-D-Stop


Diagnostic Data Collection

Data logging and diagnostics memory are logged on the MCU and available directly over Bluetooth® and SD Card

Power Options

A wide range of power options between 110v-220v AC and 24v DC enable Remtron to be deployed almost anywhere

Expansion Port

A wide range of peripheral devices and additional functionality can be easily integrated into the system via the expansion port

Plug-In Screw Terminals

Installation and maintenance are made easy with plug-in, screw terminals

PL-d Safety Rating

Safety relays for the main contactor are standard on Remtron MCUs. Safety relays can also be used for motion control giving the system a PL-d safety rating

Global Frequencies

Global licensed and unlicensed frequencies offer support in the 915MHz, 868MHz, 433MHz and 2.4GHz (unlicensed) and 450-470MHz (licensed) spectrums

Cable Glands

Machine control units come with two cable glands already installed

Individual Fuses

Individual fuses are used for motion groups

Antenna Diversity

Antenna diversity is used for highly reliable and dependable communication of the system


Two main contactor safety relays, Start/Alarm relay plus 10 or 17 relays can be used for motions and auxiliaries

IP65-Rated Enclosure

Durable, IP65-rated enclosure that is easy-to-mount and can be locked for added security


Standard one-year product warranty

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


Hoist Select

Includes indications shown on four status LEDs

Overhead Cranes & Hoists

Metals Manufacturing, Paper Mills, Fabrication, Maintenance

Conveyor Systems

Parcel Unloading, Parcel Movement, Assembly Line, Ship Loaders

On-Highway Mobile Equipment

Vacuum Trucks, Loader Cranes, Specialty Trucks, Concrete Pumps, Pressure Washing Trucks

Off-Highway Mobile Equipment

Light Towers, Fire Pumps, Generators, Dewatering Pumps, Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Rock Breakers, Screen Machines


Robotics, Automated Conveying Systems

Transportation & Warehousing

Logistics, Distribution Centers, Robotics