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Remtron™ CommandPro

Remtron™ CommandPro

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Remtron CommandPro™ is a durable, crane wireless remote control with up to 23 control functions and is available in three sizes.

  • Three sizes with up to 23 control functions
  • Rugged and reliable system with less downtime
  • IP65 enclosure offers protection from the elements
  • Battery life offers more than 130 hours of continuous operation
  • Can be configured with a RAC16 programmer, setting the system address and frequency.



902-928 MHz license exempt operation


IP65 high-impact, fiber reinforced nylon


Intuitive rocker switches and pushbuttons designed to suit typical applications


16-bit address and 16-bit CRC

Controller Batteries

Two standard alkaline AA batteries for T09A, T10A, T14A and T18A controllers. Three standard alkaline AA batteries for T20 and T23 controllers


Standard one-year product warranty

ISO Certification

Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified operation


RAC 16 Programmer

Enables end users to change frequency and address


Leather holster included with controller

Fixed Mount

Bracket, wall mount option for T14A or T18A

Rotary Selector Switch

Rotary switch selects two to six switch positions for T20 or T23

Extended Warranty

Additional one-year extended warranty is available

Intrinsically Safe

UL Listed for Class 1, Division 1, Group D available for T09, T10, T14, and T18


Overhead Cranes

Using a wireless remote control to enable the operator to control all crane functions from a safer vantage point with greater efficiency than a tethered controller allows

Conveyor Systems

Control the power, speed and sorting functions of material handling conveyor systems to rapidly and efficiently carry out test and maintenance procedures

Steel Stockholders

Particularly useful for operation in confined spaces, such as between racking systems

Rock Crusher

Control the conveyors and function of rock crushers with a heavy-duty industrial wireless remote control

Rock Grader

Control the track, boom and conveyor of a screen machine via an industrial wireless remote control


  • Analong Board:  PN 900164-F   PCA 21R22 ANALOG

  • Antenna: PN 452031  SWITCH,TOGGLE,                                              3 POS,RADIO/OFF/PENDANT

  • Antenna:  PN 485026  ANTENNA, 900MHz 1/4 WAVE WHIP

  • Antenna:  PN 950185-01   TOP ASSY, ANTENNA, PB2

  • Antenna:  PN 950185-02   ANTENNA,POLARIZED,RANGE > 300 FEET

  • Antenna Assembly:  PN 9201229-01   ANTENNA ASS'Y,PANEL MOD 485034

  • Battery:  PN 480011   BATTERY,NiMH,AA,1.5V 2500mAh

  • Board:  PN 900191-D   PCA, R22 SAFE -T- RANGE OPTION

  • Bracket:  PN 752475   BRACKET,WALL MOUNT,RCT814A

  • Cable:  PN 600044   CABLE, PROGRAMMING

  • Cable:  PN 920046   CABLE ASSY, RAC16 PROG PORT

  • Cable Assembly:  PN 2CAB-9110-A001-A   CABLE ASS'Y,,COAX,18',RG58,W/MOUNTING

  • Cable Assembly: PN 2CAB-9110-A101-A   CABLE ASS'Y,COAX,25',LMR400 W/MOUNTING

  • Cable Assembly:  PN 2CAB-9110-A201-A   CABLE ASS'Y,COAX,50',LMR400 W/MOUNTING

  • Cable Assembly:  PN 2CAB-9110-A301-A   CABLE ASS'Y,COAX,75',LMR400 W/MOUNTING

  • Cable Assembly:  PN 2CAB-9110-A401-A   CABLE ASS'Y,COAX,100',LMR400 W/MOUNTING

  • Cable Assembly:  PN 2CAB-9110-A801-A   CABLE ASS'Y,COAX,CUSTOM,LMR400 W/MTG

  • Cable Assembly:  PN 600038-01   ANTENNA EXTENSION KIT,9 FT

  • Cable Assembly:  PN 920040-01   CABLE ASSY, ANT, TNC 6 IN

  • Cable Assembly:  PN 920040-05   CABLE ASS'Y,ANTENNA,TNC,8 IN

  • Carrying strap:  PN 42C-0057   CARRY STRAP,PADDED SHOULDER STYLE,2


  • Converter:  PN 950113-01-C   CONVERTER ASS'Y,250VDC TO 12VDC,RPS2

  • Decoder Board:  PN 900154-P   PCA, 21R22 RX/DECODER

  • Elastomer:  PN 752260   KEYPAD,ELASTOMERIC,RCT825,21T20

  • Elastomer:  PN 752287   KEYPAD ELASTOMERIC 21T23

  • Elastomer:  PN 752471   KEYPAD ELASTOMERIC RCT814A

  • Elastomer:  PN 752473   KEYPAD ELASTOMERIC T18A

  • Elastomer:  PN 752476-01   KEYPAD ELASTOMER RCT810A RED

  • Fuse:  PN 458028   FUSE,250V,1/4A,GMC

  • Fuse:  PN 458029   FUSE,GMC,3/4 AMP,250V

  • Guard Bar:  PN 640022-01   OPTION,GUARD BAR EXT'N 21T44

  • Holster:  PN 620009   LEATHER HOLSTER T20 & T23

  • Holster:  PN 620022   LEATHER HOLSTER

  • Holster:  PN 620023   LEATHER HOLSTER; T14A; T18A; 25T11A; 25T15A

  • Label:  PN 160101-03   LABEL,TX,CLEAR/YEL,ENGRAVE MTRL

  • Label:  PN 160102-02   LABEL, TX 820 SERIES

  • Plastic Pouch:  PN 620012   CLEAR PLASTIC POUCH T20,T23

  • Plastic Pouch:  PN 620025   CLEAR PLASTIC POUCH T14A/18A


  • Relay Board:  PN 900155-01-P   PCA, 22 RELAY 120VAC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900155-02-P   PCA, 22 RELAY 12VDC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900155-03-P   PCA, 22 RELAY 240VAC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900155-06-P   PCA, 22 RELAY 12-24VDC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900173-E   PCA 8 RELAY EXPANSION(21R22)

  • Relay Board:  PN 900229-01-H   PCA, RCR08A 120VAC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900229-02-H   PCA, RCR08A 12-24 VDC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900229-03-H   PCA, RCR08A 240VAC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900229-05-H   PCA, RCR08A 240VAC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900233-01-F   PCA, RCR814A 120VAC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900233-02-F   PCA, RCR814A 12-24 VDC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900233-03-F   PCA, RCR814A 240 VAC

  • Relay Board:  PN 900233-05-F   PCA, RCR814A 24 VAC

  • Screw:  PN 500132   SCREW,SELF-SEAL,6-32X.70

  • Snubber:  PN 600049   RC NETWORK,1.0uF & 10 OHM,SNUBBER

  • Snubber:  PN 600051   RC NETWORK,1.0uF, & 100 OHM,10W

  • Snubber:  PN 600052   SNUBBER 120VAC

  • Switch:  PN 452031   SWITCH, TOGGLE, 3 POS -  RADIO/OFF/PENDANT

  • Transmitter Board:  PN 900156-01-Q   PCA,20 FUNCTION,900 MHZ TX,1MW

  • Transmitter Board:  PN 900156-04-Q   PCA,20 FUNCTION,900 MHZ TX,1MW,ROTARY

  • Transmitter Board:  PN 900161-01-T   PCA 23 FUNCTION 900MHZ TX 1MW

  • Transmitter Board:  PN 900161-04-T   PCA, RCT823, 1MW W/ROTARY SW

  • Transmitter Board:  PN 900208-I   PCA, T34/T4

  • Transmitter Board:  PN 900212-K   PCA 14 FUNCTION 900MHZ TX

  • Transmitter Board:  PN 900213-N   PCA, RCT818A

  • Transmitter Board:  PN 900221-N   PCA,T09A

  • Transmitter Case:  PN 570108-02   CASE TOP RCT818A


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